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Current Promo Offers - June 2021

Unreliable Offers

Extra 10% Off Your Order (IE) Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Extra 15% off Lenovo L340 Gaming Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 20th Jun)
17% Off Legion T730 Gaming Tower (IE) Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Labor Day deals - various computers (IE) Coupon (to 19th Jun)
$560 Off Legion Y540 Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 16th Jun)
Doorbuster! Get $200 Off 13" Yoga C640 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Get 45% off ANY P Series ThinkPad Mobile Workstation (IE) Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Get 45% Off 13' X390 ThinkPad Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Lenovo Legion Y545 (USD 1400 -->1190) IE Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Lenovo Legion T530 Coffee Lake i7 (USD 1360 ---> 920) IE Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 (IE) Coupon (to 9th Jun)
Get $130 Off 14" Yoga (IE) Coupon (to 7th Jun)
Get $120 Off NEW 15" IdeaPad (IE) Coupon (to 7th Jun)
46% off all ThinkCentre desktops + free shipping! (IE) Coupon (to 31st May)
Lenovo ThinkPad L13 10th-Gen Comet Lake USD 497 (IE) Coupon (to 18th May)
42% off all ThinkCentre desktops + free shipping! (IE) Coupon (to 18th May)
WorkPro Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Mid-Back Chair discount (IE) Coupon (to 11th May)
Get 55% off ANY P Series ThinkStation (IE) Coupon (to 5th May)
Up to 24% discount (IE) Coupon (to 5th May)
40% Off Any P Series ThinkPad (IE) Coupon (to 1st May)
Up To 49% Off Select Servers (IE) Coupon (to 20th Apr)
Get 20% Off Legion Tower 5i Gaming Desktop (IE) Coupon (to 13th Apr)
18% Off IdeaCentre A540 Desktop (IE) Coupon (to 11th Apr)
Get 33% off Tab M10 (IR) Coupon (to 7th Apr)
FLASH SALE! Get an EXTRA 10% Off IdeaCentre All In One & Tower Desk.. Coupon (to 5th Apr)
Clearance Sale! Up to 68% off PCs (IE) Coupon (to 5th Apr)
Get 46% Off 14" X1 Yoga Gen 4 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 4th Apr)
45% Off Most ThinkCentre Desktops + Free Shipping! (IE) Coupon (to 1st Apr)
Hot Deal! Get $190 Off 15" IdeaPad Gaming (IE) Coupon (to 1st Apr)
Affiliate Coupon Coupon (to 30th Mar)
45% off when you build your own ThinkPad (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Businesses get over 50% off Select Rack or Tower servers(IE) Coupon (to 15th Jan)
Clearance Sale! Get an EXTRA 8% Off ThinkPad Laptops! (IE) Coupon (to 4th Jan)
Extra 5 % off for doctors, nurses and first responders (IE) (to 31st Dec)
Get 52% Off Most P Series ThinkPad (IE) Coupon (to 8th Dec)
Lava Deal! Get 20% Off ALL NEW 15' YOGA (IE) Coupon (to 26th Nov)
10% off All New Yoga 7i & 9i 2-in-1 Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 26th Nov)
Get 15% Off ALL NEW 14" & 15" YOGA (IE) Coupon (to 25th Nov)
Extra 8% Off on Almost ALL Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 24th Nov)
Game On! Get 10% Off All PC Game Titles (IE) Coupon (to 23rd Nov)
$200 Off Ideapad 3i Gaming Laptop 81Y4001HUS (IE) Coupon (to 19th Nov)
Get 66% Off 14" ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Extra 12 % off game and home monitors (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Coupon for 7 different Legion models (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Get 26% Off 14' IdeaPad Slim 7 Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Get $250 Off 14' IdeaPad Slim 7 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Doorbuster! Get 59% Off 14" ThinkPad L490 (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
58% Off ThinkPad T490 Laptop 20N4001KUS (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
10 % off select towers and more (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
10% Off Most IdeaPad & Flex PCs! (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
70% Off 14" ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 16th Nov)
Get 19% Off 15" Yoga C740 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 9th Nov)
8% Off Already Low Discount Deals on Most PCs & More!(IE) Coupon (to 9th Nov)
Get 62% Off 13" ThinkPad X390 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 4th Nov)
Get 64% Off ThinkPad T490 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 4th Nov)
Hot Deal! Get 70% Off ThinkPad T490S Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 4th Nov)
Get 62% Off 15" ThinkPad T15 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Hot Deal! Get 30% off 15" Yoga C740 (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Doorbuster Deal! Get 22% Off 15" IdeaPad 3i (IE Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Doorbuster Deal! Get 26% Off 15" IdeaPad (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Doorbuster! Get $340 Off 14" Yoga C940 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Get 31% Off 17" New Legion 5i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
45% Off 15" Legion 5i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Get 60% Off 14" ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Doorbuster Deal! Get 58% Off 14" ThinkPad X1 (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Nov)
Get an Extra 10% Off on Almost ALL Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 2nd Nov)
Get 10% Off Most Legion Tower 5i (IE) Coupon (to 2nd Nov)
Get 15% Off Most Yoga C940, C740, & C640 (IE) Coupon (to 2nd Nov)
47% Off Most P Series & Up to 66% Off P73, P53, & P1 (IE) Coupon (to 1st Nov)
Get Up to 69% Off The Compact ThinkCentre (IE) Coupon (to 1st Nov)
Get 30% Off Office Furniture (IE) Coupon (to 1st Nov)
Get 28% Off 15' Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 26th Oct)
Get an Extra 10% Off on Almost ALL Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 26th Oct)
Get 68% Off ThinkPad T490 Laptop 20N2S3GQ00 (IE) Coupon (to 22nd Oct)
Get $290 Off ThinkPad L13 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 22nd Oct)
Legion Discount (IE) Coupon (to 20th Oct)
Tech Deal! Get 6% Off the Tab M8 (IE) Coupon (to 19th Oct)
Get $250 off IdeaPad Slim 7 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 19th Oct)
Get 15% Off Most Legion 7i & 5i (IE) Coupon (to 15th Oct)
Get 25% Off Most Legion C730 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Oct)
Get 20% Off Most Legion Y740 & Y540 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Oct)
Teachers and Students save an EXTRA 5% (IE) (to 12th Oct)
Honoring our military with an EXTRA 7% off (IE) (to 12th Oct)
Doorbuster Deal! Get 22% Off 15" IdeaPad Slim 7 (IE Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get 16% Off ThinkCentre M720e Desktop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get up to 37% off 14" Yoga Glass 930 2-in-1 (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
EXTRA $10 to $50 off all Tablets and Smart Devices (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 30% Off Legion Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Lenovo Tab E8 8" 16GB Android Tablet (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 17% Off IdeaPad Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get 34% off 15" IdeaPad L340 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get 28% off 15" Flex 2-in-1 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
SAVE $190 off 14" Yoga C740 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get 40% off 13" IdeaPad 730s laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get 35% off 14" Flex 2-in-1 laptop 81SQ000DUS (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Lenovo Flex 15 Whiskey Lake i3 $400 (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
32% off 15" Legion Y540 laptop 81SX00WMUS (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
34% off Legion T730 Gaming Tower 90JF00AYUS (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Get $250 off 15" Yoga C940 2-In-1 laptop 81Q9000MUS (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Take an EXTRA 10% off most Ideapad and Flex 2-in-1 (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Lenovo IdeaPad S340 - $300 (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Clearance! Up to 74% off select ThinkPad laptops (IE) Coupon (to 12th Oct)
Doorbuster! Get 17% Off 15" IdeaPad 3i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 11th Oct)
Hot Deal! Get 18% Off 15" Flex 2-in-1 (AU) Coupon (to 5th Oct)
Doorbuster! Get 18% Off 14" IdeaPad S540 (IE) Coupon (to 5th Oct)
Doorbuster Deal! Get 17% Off 15" IdeaPad Slim (IE) Coupon (to 5th Oct)
Get 10% Off the Tab M10 FHD (IE) Coupon (to 5th Oct)
Get 45% Off Most P Series ThinkPad and Thinkstations (IE) Coupon (to 30th Sep)
15% Off Most Yoga 2-In-1 and Legion gaming (IE) Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Get an Extra 10% Off on Almost ALL Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Get $180 Off Legion Tower 5i 90NC0020US (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Get 19% Off 14" Yoga C940 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Get an EXTRA 8% Off IdeaCentre & ThinkCentre Towers! (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Tech Deal! Get 10% Off the Smart Tab M10 Plus (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Get $430 off 15" Legion Y740 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Get $270 Off 14" Yoga C940 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 28th Sep)
Get $360 Off 15" Legion 5i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 27th Sep)
Get 25% Off 15" Legion 5i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 27th Sep)
Extra discount off IdeaPad, Yoga 2-In1, tablets and more(IE) Coupon (to 21st Sep)
Gaming Deals Get Up to 25% Off Legion Laptops & Desktops(IE) Coupon (to 20th Sep)
Yoga Sale! Get Up to 28% Off YOGA C940 2-in-1 Laptops! (IE) Coupon (to 14th Sep)
Get 10% Off Almost All Tablets + Free Shipping! (IE) Coupon (to 7th Sep)
Up to 30% Off Y540, Y545, & Y740 Legion Gaming Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 7th Sep)
Get $300 Off 17" Legion 5i Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 6th Sep)
30% Off Most Office Furniture Including office/gaming (IE) Coupon (to 1st Sep)
Get an EXTRA 8% Off IdeaCentre 500 Series (IE) Coupon (to 31st Aug)
40% off ThinkPad Laptops, ThinkBooks & ThinkStation Desk(IE) Coupon (to 31st Aug)
Discount Yoga C640, C940, Legion 5i (IE) Coupon (to 31st Aug)
Up to 30% Off Y540, Y545, & Y740 Legion Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 28th Aug)
Get $300 Off 14" Yoga C940 2-in-1 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 24th Aug)
Fit Deal! Up to 37% Off Fitbit Watches & Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 23rd Aug)
10% off when you build your own customizable Yoga2-In-1 (IE) Coupon (to 20th Aug)
Get Up to 61% Off Select P43s, P330 Tiny, P330 SSF, P330(IE) Coupon (to 17th Aug)
EXTRA 10% Off Office Furniture (IE) Coupon (to 17th Aug)
Get 41% Off 14" Yoga C930 2-in-1 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 17th Aug)
$830 Off ThinkPad X1 Carbon (IE) Coupon (to 17th Aug)
Get an Extra 15% off on almost ALL Accessories! Coupon (to 17th Aug)
Get 25% Off 15" Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 10th Aug)
Get 25% Off 13" Yoga C640 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 10th Aug)
Get $390 Off 15" Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop 81UH0001US (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Aug)
Get 10% Off ALL NEW 14" and 15" IdeaPad (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Aug)
Get $310 Off 15" Legion Y540 Gaming Laptop 81SX013PUS (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Aug)
Get $190 Off 13" Yoga C640 Laptop 81UE001GUS (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Aug)
Get 25% Off 14" Yoga C940 2-in-1 Laptop 81Q9000JUS (IE) Coupon (to 2nd Aug)
$510 Off 17" Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 20th Jul)
NEW! Get $390 Off 15' Legion 5i Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 16th Jul)
Extra 10% Off All Monitors (IE) Coupon (to 16th Jul)
Over 50% Off Any Rack Or Tower Servers (IE) Coupon (to 16th Jul)
Get an Extra 8% Off on Almost ALL Accessories! (IE) Coupon (to 16th Jul)
Get $120 Off 22" IdeaCentre A340 Desktop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Get An 20% Off Select Headphones, Speakers, Keyboards (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Limited Time! Get 60% Off Lenovo 10" Smart Display! (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Get 31% Off 14" ThinkPad T490 Quickship (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 For 42% Less Money (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
5% Off All-In-One IdeaCentre Desktops (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
$200 Off IdeaPad L340 17" Gaming (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
25% Off Yoga C940 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Up to 30% off Legion Gaming Y740, Y540, & Y545 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
$430 Off Legion Y740 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
40% off ThinkBook 14" & 15" Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
27 % OFF Lenovo Rack or Tower Servers (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
44% Off Yoga 730 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Lenovo Legion T530 USD 1160 --> USD 930 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
24% Off the Legion Y740 15” Gaming Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Lenovo Promo Code: $300 Off Yoga C940 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
10% off almost ALL Accessories Lenovo (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Get 57% off ThinkPad T490S Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 5% Off All Monitors (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
EXTRA $120 off Clearance Laptops & Desktops (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Get 45% off all ThinkCentre (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
$55 Off IdeaCentre Desktop (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
Get 45% off Tab M10 tablet (IE) Coupon (to 15th Jul)
21% Off Yoga C940 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 6th Jul)
Up To 50% Off Thinkpad E15 (IE) Coupon (to 6th Jul)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 25% On Yoga C940 15” Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
Lenovo IdeaPad Whiskey Lake Quad 14" (IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
Free Shipping! (to 5th Jul)
Lenovo Discount Code: $350 Off Legion Y540 Gaming Laptop(IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
Up To 40% Off Yoga C930 (IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 22% Off C530 Mini Gaming PC (IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
Lenovo Promo Code: 40% On ThinkCentre M90n Nano (IE) Coupon (to 5th Jul)
40% Off X & T Series ThinkPad Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 3rd Jun)
8 % off Accessories at Lenovo (IE) Coupon (to 1st Jun)
15% Off IdeaPad S540 Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 27th May)
Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q Tiny Desktop $339 was 570 (IE) Coupon (to 20th May)
Get $330 off 14" Yoga 940 2-in-1 laptop with discount Coupon (to 20th May)
Get 25% off 15" Yoga C940 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 20th May)
Get 40% off ThinkCentre M720e (IR) Coupon (to 19th May)
Hot Deal! Get 25% off 13" Yoga C640 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 19th May)
600 USD off Lenovo Yoga C930 (IE) Coupon (to 18th May)
430 USD off Lenovo Legion Y740 (IE) Coupon (to 18th May)
Savings of $60 Lenovo Yoga 10.1" Smart Tab (IE) Coupon (to 17th May)
Up to 50% off Selected Gaming Accessories (IE) Coupon (to 14th May)
15% Off 14 Inch IdeaPad S540 (IE) Coupon (to 9th May)
Lenovo ThinkPad L13 10th-Gen $497 (was 829 USD) (IE) Coupon (to 9th May)
Lenovo 24" 1080p LED Backlit for 108 USD (IE) Coupon (to 6th May)
Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Coffee Lake i7 17.3 now 855 USD (IE) Coupon (to 3rd May)
10% off most PCs over $999, 8% (IE) Coupon (to 2nd May)
Lenovo Tab E8 8" 16GB Android Tablet - $70 (was 100) - IE Coupon (to 26th Apr)
Lenovo Promo Code: 10% Off Your Purchase (IE) Coupon (to 26th Apr)
Lenovo Ideapad 1 AMD A6 11.6" Laptop 190 USD (IE) Coupon (to 24th Apr)
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 for $900 instead of 1 150 USD (IE) Coupon (to 20th Apr)
Lenovo Promo Code: 30% Off Legion T730 Gaming Tower (IE) Coupon (to 16th Apr)
Lenovo ThinkCentre M75s discount (IE) Coupon (to 16th Apr)
Lenovo Discount Code: Up To 52% Off Select Servers (IE) Coupon (to 15th Apr)
Lenovo Coupon Code: 24% Off T730 Gaming Tower (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo Legion C530 Coffee Lake i5 230 USD discount (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop PCs 35 % OFF (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
50 % OFF Lenovo Rack and Tower Servers (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo Yoga C940 15" Laptops (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo IdeaPad Whiskey Lake Quad 14 $850 (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 64GB 10.1" Android Tablet $200 (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo Yoga C740 i7 Comet Lake 14" 2-in-1 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
40 % off P Thinkpad and others, 45 % off X, T laptops (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
25% off 14" Yoga C940 laptop 81Q9000JUS (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Get 48% off on most rack and tower servers (IR) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Lenovo Yoga C940 Coffee Lake i7 (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
Up to 43% off Thinkbook 13s laptops (IE) Coupon (to 14th Apr)
SAVE $320 off on 15" IdeaPad S340 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Mar)
Get $314 off C530 Mini Gaming PC (IE) Coupon (to 15th Mar)
Get 40% off 8" Lenovo Tab E8, now just $59.99 (IE) Coupon (to 15th Mar)
Get $920 off 14" IdeaPad S940 Laptop 81R00000US (IE) Coupon (to 12th Mar)
Hot Deal! Get 25% off Chromebook C330 laptop 81HY000EUS (IE) Coupon (to 12th Mar)
Get 24% off 15" IdeaPad S340 Laptop (IE) Coupon (to 12th Mar)
Discount for various laptops in the description (IE) Coupon (to 12th Mar)
45% off all X and T series ThinkPad laptops (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Get $410 off 15" Yoga 940 2-in-1 laptop (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Get $300 off 14" Yoga 940 2-in-1 (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Get $360 off 15" Legion Y540 gaming laptop (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Get an Extra 10% off on ThinkVision Monitors (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
45% off most X and T series (IE) Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Lenovo L27i 27" IPS FreeSync Monitor (USD 200 --> 117) IE Coupon (to 9th Mar)
50% off powerful ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 mobile workstation Irelan Coupon (to 9th Mar)
Best Price Yet! SAVE 25% on ANY YOGA Coupon (to 14th Feb)
Level Up! Up to 20% off powerful Legion laptops and desktops Coupon (to 14th Feb)
Browse Laptop Deals at Lenovo (to 8th Oct)
Get a 20% discount off M Series Thinkcentre Desktops Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 29% discount off Ideapad Y700 Touch 15" Gaming Laptop (80NW0035US) - Was - $1 099 Now - $1059 Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 27% discount off Ideapad Y700 Touch 15" Gaming Laptop (80NW0010US) - Was - $999.99 Now - $949 Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 15% discount off Legion Y520 Essential Gaming Laptop 80WK00MS... Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 16% discount off IdeaCentre 700 Expandable Tower 90DG0017CF N... Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Ideapad 700 15 Stylish Multimedia Powerhouse Laptop Now - $694 and ... Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 24% discount off Ideapad 700 15" Multimedia Laptop (80RU00FEUS) - Was - $749 Now - $710 Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Take 18% off on Yoga 720 15 Performance Powerhouse Laptop $1640.39 ... Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Get a 13% discount off Ideapad Y700 14" Immersive Gaming Laptop 80NU002AUS Now - $1159.79 and Free Shipping Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Take 18% off on a Legion Y720 Gaming Custom To Order Laptop and Fre... Coupon (to 27th Nov)
Up To 25% Off Desktops (to 27th Nov)
Laptops Sale Items From €880 (to 27th Nov)
Save €150 On ThinkPad T460s (to 27th Nov)
Get Tablets From €120 (to 27th Nov)
Up To 20% Off Student Discount (to 20th Jun)
Up To €250 Off St Stephens Day Sale (to 20th Jun)
10% Off Thinkpad Orders Coupon (to 20th Mar)
Up To 17% Off Selected YOGA Tablets (to 20th Mar)
ThinkCentre Accessories From €139 (to 20th Mar)
Up To 30% Off Selected Desktops (to 20th Mar)
Get Workstations From €960 (to 20th Mar)
Lenovo Yoga Tablet For €249.99 (to 20th Mar)
Get a 20% discount off a Phab 2 Smartphone in Silver or Gold - Was - $199.99 Now - $159.99 Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Get a 26% discount off a Lenovo Yoga 710 15" Convertible Laptop 80V5000XCF Was - $1169.99 Now - $960.99 and Free Shipping Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Even 60% Off Lenovo Tablets & Mobiles (to 5th Feb)
Up To 15% Off Tablets (to 5th Feb)
Y700 14 Immersive Gaming Laptop Now - $679 and Free Shipping Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Attractive Prices on Lenovo Laptops (to 5th Feb)
Promo Code For Maybank Cardmembers - Get Up to $320 Off On Selected Products! (to 5th Feb)
Lenovo Tablets at Best Prices (to 5th Feb)
Get Tablets From €499 (to 5th Feb)
Tablets at the Best Prices at Lenovo (to 5th Feb)
Best Desktops Deals at Lenovo (to 5th Feb)
10% Off Thinkpad E460 Orders Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Ideapad 510S 14" Powerful Laptop 80TK0050CF Was - $919.99 Now - $885.79 and Free Shipping Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Save 24% off on Y700 15 Immersive Gaming Laptop 80NV00S3CF Now - $1199.99 with and Free Shipping Coupon (to 5th Feb)
10% Off ThinkCentre X1 Orders Coupon (to 5th Feb)
Even 60% Off Lenovo Tablets & Mobiles (to 1st Feb)
Take 10% off on Yoga 910 Platinum Silver Laptop and Free Shipping! Coupon (to 29th Jan)
Up To 26% On Selected Desktops (to 28th Jan)
Up To 18% Off Selected Laptops Sale Items (to 28th Jan)
20% Off Yoga Mouses Coupon (to 28th Jan)
20% Student Discount at Lenovo (to 6th Jan)
5% Off Orders Over €1,000 at Lenovo (to 30th Sep)
5% Off Orders Over €1,000 at Lenovo Coupon (to 30th Sep)
LCD monitors from €148.83 at (to 4th Sep)
Up To 25% Off Tablets (to 11th Apr)
5% Off ThinkPad P50 15.6" Ultrabook Mobile Workstation Coupon (to 31st Mar)
10% Off Selected Laptops Over €799.99 (to 22nd Mar)
7% Off ThinkPad P50 15.6" Mobile Workstation Coupon (to 21st Mar)
Up To 20% Off Laptops And Ultrabooks (to 17th Mar)
10% Off Selected Desktops Over €799.99 (to 16th Mar)
Get Workstations From €940 (to 1st Mar)
Get Tablets From €229 (to 1st Mar)
Memory And Storage Items From €6 (to 1st Mar)
Chargers And Batteries From €22 (to 1st Mar)
Audio Accessories From €14 (to 1st Mar)
Up To 28% On Selected Christmas Gifts (to 31st Dec)
Save Over 20% On Selected Black Friday Laptops (to 16th Dec)
Up To 9% Off Selected Laptops (to 6th Dec)
Up To 26% Off Selected Desktops Sale Items (to 5th Dec)
10% Off Ideapad Y700 Laptops Coupon (to 5th Dec)
9% Off YOGA 900 Laptop Coupon (to 30th Nov)
15% Off Lenovo YOGA Mouse Orders Coupon (to 28th Nov)
20% Off Thinkpad X1 Accessories Coupon (to 26th Nov)
6% Off Orders Coupon (to 25th Nov)
Up To 36% Off Lenovo Pocket Projector P0510 Black-GB Coupon (to 17th Nov)
5% Off YOGA 500 Laptop Coupon (to 13th Nov)
10% Off All Consumer And Business Laptops When You Spend Over €749.99 Coupon (to 11th Nov)
Up To 20% Off For Students And Teachers (to 6th Nov)
Up To 12% Off Thinkstation P-series Towers Coupon (to 6th Nov)
Lenovo Coupon - $50 Off MS Office 2016 and Office 365 + Free Shipping Coupon (to 31st Oct)
10% Off All Consumer And Business Laptops (to 28th Oct)
5% November 2014 off at Coupon (to 30th Nov)
10% off Lenovo N20p Chromebook at Coupon (to 23rd Nov)
5% off all Lenovo ThinkPads and accessories at Coupon (to 31st Jan)
€11.99 off IdeaTab A3000 at Coupon (to 31st Jan)
€116.1 off IdeaPad Z500-touch at Coupon (to 16th Sep)
10% off think and accessories at Coupon (to 31st Aug)
€117.01 off IdeaPad S405 at Coupon (to 31st Jul)
5% off think products and accessories at Coupon (to 31st Jul)


25th May: What is your favourite shooter? RPG? Racer? Indie? Get 3 months of Stadia Pro with the purchase of a new Lenovo L…
23rd May: League of Legends fan? Rainbow Six Siege? Fortnite? Meet the players of G2 Esports and the equipment they use. Lear…
18th May: Introducing Lenovo Go: A suite of innovative remote-first accessories designed to power your productivity–whenever…
18th May: We’re not done celebrating just yet…stay tuned to find out more! 👀 #InterXLenovo @Inter
13th May: No ThinkPads were harmed in the making of this video.
13th May: In true MotoGP fashion, high-speeds and adrenaline await. Join us this weekend at the #FrenchGP as @DucatiCorse rac…
22nd Apr: #EarthDay reminds us of the environmental sustainability goals we are committed to and progress we’ve made. Join us…
1st Apr: Senior Technologist, Graham Thomas, shares more on our latest laptops which will help you live your life in vertica…
1st Apr: Live life in Vertical with our new ThinkPad and Yoga laptops.
22nd Feb: Pssst. Yeah, you. Read more about the @LenovoLegion 2021 lineup, including the Legion 5i and its optional 4-zone R…
12th Feb: Fancy your chances at winning a Lenovo Legion Phone Duel and official @Inter Official Signed Ball and Membership? P…
9th Feb: JUST ANNOUNCED! Lenovo to take on role of Title Partner of @DucatiCorse #MotoGP team. Learn more:…
22nd Jan: What does a day in the life of travel writer Simon Calder look like? Join him on a typical day powered by the world…
21st Jan: We revealed new technology, connected virtually with people around the world, and came away from #CES2021 with 80+…
19th Jan: Work ➡ play. A tablet for every occasion.
15th Jan: Watch, play and learn from home with the Lenovo Tab P11: ✅ 11" 2K display ✅ Dolby Atmos speakers with user-facing…
13th Jan: How can we ensure education stays on track amid disruption with innovative solutions? Find out more, register now:…
12th Jan: Built for on-the-go professionals, the next generation of ThinkBook laptops are here. Introducing the new & improv…
11th Jan: Introducing the ThinkPad X12 Detachable. A new device with a folio keyboard that transforms into a lightweight, yet…
11th Jan: What’s lightweight, extremely flexible, & always connected? At just over 2.5lbs, the new ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yog…
16th Dec: Grab the fire extinguisher! @Laura Kampf and @Adam Savage bring a spark to the new year. Watch the full stream her…
30th Nov: ⚡ Cyber Monday ⚡ Minimum 10% off everything on site! has the best deals on top-rated laptop…
11th Nov: How do you define beauty? Creative Director and Producer Marcus John takes on the fashion industry and challenges s…
10th Nov: Marine Biologist Callie Veelenturf is on a mission to establish #sustainable solutions for ocean ecosystems to help…
6th Nov: Big shout out to Romano for their winning design, debuting on the @Ducati MotoGP bike in Valencia! See you then!…
15th Oct: Whoop Whoop!
5th Oct: Liftoff with the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Go beyond in business and human achievement. Watch the full film and reshape t…
2nd Oct: Check out what we have for you at TechWorld 2020! Join us and learn how technology can shape the future of our Worl…
23rd Sep: Introducing #GoogleMeet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo—all the components of a better meeting, all in one box. L…
15th Jun: Designed for style, engineered for domination. The Legion Y740 gaming PC, powered by up to #Intel® Core™ i7 process…
11th Jun: We’ve been speaking to UK teachers and students about their experiences with remote teaching. Here’s what they told…
10th Jun: The gamer has left the basement. Gaming has evolved, as have people who play. Gamers walk amongst us. They are desi…
4th Jun: Tech has helped bring teachers and pupils together over the past few months, we asked four people to give us their…
1st Jun: You’re stuck inside, but your dog wants out. No sweat, we got this. #StayAtHomeHacks #smarter
20th May: World-famous ThinkPad engineering meets the world’s first PC with a foldable display. This is the ThinkPad X1 Fold.
13th May: Working from home: expectation vs. reality...
12th May: By the end of lockdown will be expert bakers, musicians, and marathon runners. Lenovo fan @iKevinWebb shows us how…
4th May: Work calls made easy. This is the new ThinkSmart View, a one-of-a-kind collaborative smart device for your workspac…
30th Apr: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
8th Apr: Great to be involved @help_force and @JacquiBarrett11. Brilliant initiative and happy to help!
11th Mar: We are delighted to partner with @WORK180_UK . Its endorsement of Lenovo demonstrates our commitment to making our…
13th Feb: Transforming productivity on-the-go. #ThinkPad
11th Feb: See how the @University of Birmingham has transformed the way teaching and learning is delivered with the use of…
28th Jan: We love showing teachers and pupils new ways to bring education to life and inspire learning. From classrooms of th…
28th Jan: A foldable future shouldn’t forfeit durability. ThinkPad X1 Fold coming mid-2020.
27th Jan: We love this, @Kercal shows off the versatility of the Motorola Razr display, with great brush skills. 😀
27th Jan: Sooo, how are those resolutions going? #NewYear #MoreYoga
23rd Jan: Research shows a high degree of variation in the provision and use of technology in schools across the UK. 50% of t…
23rd Jan: Technology has had a transformational effect on the way in which students learn, but what barriers and obstacles do…
22nd Jan: The latest ThinkPad 11e Yoga is thinner and lighter than ever! It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything, all-day learning ma…
22nd Jan: Meet the all new Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet, an ideal tool for students beginning their education journey with pr…
20th Jan: Smarter learning needs smarter technology. Come and see Lenovo’s new product range on stand SL20 @Bett_show, ExCeL…
10th Jan: Foldable, 5G enabled, Ducati branded. These are just a few ways to describe our latest tech announced at #CES2020.…
8th Jan: Your favorite memories, all in one place. The 21.5” Lenovo Smart Frame syncs seamlessly with Google Photos, making…
6th Jan: Last call for #CES2020! Exciting product and partnership announcements coming soon!
18th Dec: Calling all gamers. Tell us why you’ve got gaming in your blood for a chance to win a winter sports trip to Gaming,…
10th Dec: Calling all gamers. Tell us why you’ve got gaming in your blood for a chance to win a trip to Gaming, Austria and a…
19th Nov: 2 years ago, the Lenovo Research Team unveiled daystAR, a commercial AR headset. This year at #LenovoTechWorld, we…
19th Nov: A laptop, tablet, and e-reader all wrapped up in one ultraportable device. This is the Yoga Book C930.…
15th Nov: Doors are open & the crowd is rolling in for day 1 of #LenovoTechWorld. More to come as we showcase our vision of…
1st Nov: Since 1984, Lenovo has been challenging the technology industry to connect and empower the world. Thanks for coming…
30th Oct: 5 days until #WebSummit in Lisbon! Join us November 4-7 as we take the stage with some of the biggest names in tech.
29th Oct: Break-time never sounded better. This is the all-new #ThinkBook featuring Dolby Audio with Harman speakers. Learn…
23rd Oct: Smart controls your thermostat. #Smarter fights climate change with supercomputer power. Read more:…
21st Oct: Meet Gabriele, a @Ducati engineer who uses Lenovo to analyze data behind the scenes to make race-day decisions.…
16th Oct: Smart can show you things. #Smarter lets you feel them. Learn more:
14th Oct: Turning snake venom from the Amazon into potential medicine? That’s #smarter. Learn more:
8th Oct: From deep sea to deep space, ThinkPads have done a lot of exploring over the past 27 years. Post a pic of your…
9th Sep: Tailor-made to be your dream laptop: this is the Yoga C940. Thin and light, 4K display, rotating sound bar, privacy…
9th Sep: A multimode tablet with a kickstand that can play music, get quick answers and control smart homes with just your v…
9th Sep: Smarter technology for all! Just unveiled in Berlin: brilliant, useful new laptops, tablets, monitors, augmented re…
2nd Sep: We’re on our way to Germany and our bags are full of wildly useful new tech for you. Join us September 5.…
20th Aug: Dog-proof homework may be a kid’s worst nightmare. #NoMoreExcuses Learn more:
19th Aug: Join us September 5 as we announce all new tech to transform the way we live, work and play. #LenovoTechLife #IFA19
9th Aug: Lenovo and @AMD share a deep commitment to our customers and together, we are bringing the best solutions to maximi…
16th Jul: An amazing weekend at Silverstone, here are just some of our highlights
15th Jul: Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust managed to save £900,000 a year from lost productivity with @CDW_UK and Lenovo sol…
15th May: Lenovo is pleased to support EdTech 50 which celebrates the people, products and projects and showcase the learning…
14th May: The ThinkPad that takes extreme power & portability to new levels is back and it’s better than ever. This is the Th…
4th Apr: Nice. Great feedback @JordanAshMedia @AMD_UK
28th Feb: Get to know the all-new IdeaPad S540, fresh from its launch at #MWC19 #LenovoMWC Learn more:…
28th Feb: We could explain 5G, AI, and IoT with a whitepaper, but we chose a colourful pillar instead. Explore what Intellig…
27th Feb: JUST ANNOUNCED: The ThinkVision M14, a 14” ultraslim Mobile Monitor with 2 USB Type-C ports. #MWC19 #LenovoMWC Lea…
26th Feb: Sleek design, slick performance. Introducing the all new IdeaCentre AIO A340. #MWC19 #LenovoMWC Learn More:…
25th Feb: I know they say that everything seems to happen faster at #MWC2019, but seriously... #LenovoMWC
25th Feb: JUST ANNOUNCED: Powerful ThinkPads, a super-modern AIO, handy external monitor and more glorious new tech. #MWC19…
25th Feb: The classic ThinkPads, now thinner & lighter. #MWC19 #LenovoMWC Learn More:
13th Feb: The thoughtful partner or the... not so thoughtful one. Which version does your "better half" fall into?…
25th Jan: Just a few more days to enter #SmarterWithLenovo for your chance to join us at #MWC2019 in February! By 30 Jan, sho…
24th Jan: Visit our stand at Bett to see our latest solutions for Education including our VR portfolio and tablets and laptop…
17th Jan: START THINKING 2020. TODAY. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in January 2020. Learn more:…
16th Jan: Fancy a trip to #MWC2019 from the 24th–27th February in Barcelona? Show or tell us what smart tech means to you. Be…
15th Jan: START THINKING 2020. TODAY. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in January 2020. Learn more:…
12th Jan: Just announced at #CES2019! The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga are the gold standard for business computing. Le…
11th Jan: Introducing our new Smart Clock with the Google Assistant - just launched at #CES2019. Just one "Hey Google" to set…
11th Jan: An amazing 10” Android tablet with 4 front facing speakers that doubles as a Smart Screen. This is Lenovo Smart Tab…
10th Jan: The @Google Assistant you know, now built into a 4” Smart Clock. Pricing starts at $79.99 USD. #LenovoCES…
10th Jan: An amazing 10” Android tablet with 4 front-facing speakers that doubles as a Smart Screen with Alexa built-in, beco…
10th Jan: CREATOR’S PARADISE: Introducing Yoga A940 w/spectacular 4K display, precision dial & built-in wireless charging pad…
8th Jan: Streets paved with gold and dreams of new tech. The countdown to #LenovoCES in Las Vegas is underway:…
8th Jan: INTRODUCING a stunning new X1 Carbon for 2019. Thinner than ever (14.9 mm) w/new Carbon Fiber weave finish. Dolby A…
8th Jan: Do you like shiny new gadgets? Do you like staring straight into the wild future of tech? Join us live from Las Veg…
18th Dec: Present-wrapping problems? The new Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant is here to help at every moment…
5th Dec: From work to play, the new Yoga Book C930 and its E Ink display is your new notepad. Get yours:…
23rd Nov: Your new Lenovo device, at an incredible price. Check out our Black Friday deals and grab a bargain today. Browse…
21st Nov: The most powerful voices in technology have spoken at the Women’s Forum 2018. What do you want to happen next? Be p…
16th Nov: How can we make AI a force for good? Jennifer Salinas @HNBA_Pres our WW ED of IP Litigation is onstage…
16th Nov: Head over to our #WeAreLenovo instagram handle for more from our #lenovowomen delegation @Womens_Forum on the final…
15th Nov: Our VP & GM of Data Centre Services @llaltrello joins the panel @Womens_Forum to discuss how technology can help le…
15th Nov: Engage for impact! We are joining some leading names from around the world to promote inclusion and diversity at th…
14th Nov: We have a delegation of 23 #lenovowomen arriving in Paris today for @Womens_Forum. Meet them and follow the action…
8th Nov: INCLUSION is our shared goal. See how Lenovo’s commitment to supporting women in tech is boosting diversity.…
7th Nov: The opportunities are growing, but we still have work to do to PROMOTE FEMALE TALENT. Hear from our delegates at th…
6th Nov: Our aim is a better GENDER BALANCE across tech. That’s why we’re supporting this year’s Women’s Forum in Paris. Get…
5th Nov: The IT industry is too stale, pale and male. The gender gap still exists. That’s why we’re committed to continue sp…
15th Oct: The new Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant. Because sometimes #SeeingIsBetter. Find out more:…
11th Oct: Hands-free cooking for when things are a bit... hectic. The new Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant make…
8th Oct: We called it Extreme for a reason. More:
28th Sep: Get ready for your shopping experience to change in a BIG way. Introducing the Lenovo AI retail solution.…
10th Sep: Another strong week at #IFA2018 💪
31st Aug: Arriving at #IFA2018 in style 😎 #LenovoIFA
30th Aug: It’s all coming together in Berlin. #LenovoTechLife #LenovoIFA
31st Jul: Lazy days with your #Yoga720 and a good playlist.
19th Jul: Enter our #GoWithLenovo challenge! Simply show us or tell us about how your device helps keep you on-the-go using t…


3rd Dec: The Yoga C930

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