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McDelivery Coupons & Promotions Available at McDonalds South Africa (to 25th Oct)
Free 7th Cup When You Buy 6 Coffees (to 8th Apr)
Buy 6 Get 1 Free Coffee At McDonalds (to 8th Apr)
Fruit Bag For 49p With Happy Meals (to 8th Apr)
Wrap of the Day for €2.90 at McDonalds (to 11th Feb)
The Big Tasty is Now Available at McDonalds - Limited Time Only! (to 31st Jan)
Current Promotions at McDonalds (to 9th Jan)
Special Offers With a Newsletter Sign-up (to 20th Dec)
Hot Drink & Muffin Only €3 at McDonalds (to 17th Dec)
Lunch Deal Wrap & Drink €4.70 at McDonald's (to 3rd Dec)
Great Tastes of the World Available at McDonalds (to 14th Nov)
Wrap of the Day €2.90 at McDonalds (to 14th Nov)
Join Newsletter For Latest Offers (to 11th Nov)
Deals from 1 € at McDonalds Ireland (to 6th Nov)
Eurosaver Menu from €1 at McDonalds (to 31st Oct)
Roald Dahl's Happy Meals Now Available at McDonalds (to 17th Oct)
$5 Cash Coupons at McaCafe Drink! Coupon (to 12th May)
Free Cheeseburger McFlurry Original Or Mayo Chicken (to 6th Dec)


23rd Jul: Ready to play? 🪐🏀 Your kids can join Bugs, Daffy, Lola and LeBron today with Space Jam: A New Legacy, out now in th…
21st Jul: It’s a scorcher ☀️ A day like today calls for a McFlurry®. We’ve got some @JustEatIE McDelivery® gift cards to give…
20th Jul: Confessions: Did you ever think the McFlurry® spoon was a straw? 🥄🥤👇🏽
16th Jul: Ketchup or no ketchup? 🍅 #thegreatdebate
15th Jul: Looks like summer, tastes like McDelivery®. Googling trips. Need help. Share your best staycation locations below…
9th Jul: Mates and a McDonald’s. Does it get any better? 🍔🍟🥤
7th Jul: Question: Is Pepper Jack cheese ≥ Cheddar cheese?
2nd Jul: McNugget Dip 👇
30th Jun: If you had to pick one right now what would it be?
24th Jun: Hands up if you love a citrus hit and a strawberry kick 🍋🍓🙌 Have you cooled down with a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade…
22nd Jun: McNuggets +
18th Jun: Let’s settle the debate… Are you an Aero 🍫 or Peppermint Aero 🍫🌿 kind of person?
16th Jun: Bacon ✔️ Creamy BBQ Sauce✔️ Pepper Jack Cheese✔️ Tag a mate who needs to try this 🍔❤️
14th Jun: Burning question 🔥: Do you order the same thing every time?
7th Jun: Help make a difference to the families that need it most. Pick up a Little Yellow House Sticker at your local McDon…
4th Jun: A Bank Holiday weekend calls for a….
3rd Jun: There are two types of people… what one are you? 🧊/ 🔥
2nd Jun: Unpopular opinion: not everyone loves a BBQ 🍔 For those that don’t want to DIY this weekend, we’ve teamed up with…
31st May: 🙌 Make it a McDonald’s Monday and get a new offer every week when you download the McDonald’s app. This week get an…
25th May: If you could only have one sauce ever again, what would it be and why? Let us know 👇
24th May: 🙌 Make it a McDonald’s Monday and get a new offer every week when you download the McDonald’s app. This week get a…
18th May: All this talk about the Chicken Deluxe is making us hungry. Have you had one yet? Let us know 👇
18th May: We know how to make your Monday just that bit better… Enter McDonald’s Mondays 🤩 This Monday get a Bacon Roll & McC…
17th May: 📣 New to @UberEats? Download the app to get 30% off your first McDelivery® when you spend €15 or more 🍔🍟 Just use t…
17th May: What makes the Chicken Deluxe so good?🤤
14th May: The Bacon Clubhouse Deluxe is something special. Tag someone who owes you a treat below 😉👇
13th May: 📣 New to @UberEats? Download the app to get 30% off your first McDelivery® when you spend €15 or more 🍔🍟Just use th…
7th May: All about the crunch 👌
5th May: Hands up if you feel the same 🙌
4th May: Four day week 💃 How is everyone feeling?
28th Apr: *Orders Big Tasty immediately*
26th Apr: Fav menu item, go 👇
24th Apr: We’re always working on our Happy Meal®. So there will be smiles all round now that our Happy Meal® is free from ha…
22nd Apr: This combo = perfection👌
21st Apr: An Egg-cellent breakfast choice 🍳 Let us know what your favourite McDonald’s breakfast item is 👇
19th Apr: Have you tried the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse? 👍/👎
15th Apr: Plant-based eaters, we got you 🌱 The Spicy Veggie One is our €2.90 wrap of the day. Price may vary. Have you tried…
14th Apr: James has the right idea🌞
14th Apr: We may not be the Krusty Krab but SpongeBob and friends are here! Until 18th May 🏝
12th Apr: Take the Eurosaver Menu for a spin 🏎 Price may vary.
6th Apr: So, let’s settle the debate. What’s the better Bacon Roll sauce? Ketchup or Brown Sauce. Let us know what your choi…
5th Apr: Smoky ✔️ Crispy ✔️ We dunno about you but our mouths are watering. Bank Holiday sorted 👌
4th Apr: 📣 The Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry® is back. How do you eat yours?
2nd Apr: We’ve kicked off 10 days of Cracking Surprises for Easter! Tap for exclusive deals and fun daily, only on the McDonald’s app 👇
1st Apr: Easter has come early 🐰
29th Mar: We’re always working on our Happy Meal®. So there will be smiles all round now that your little ones can choose a p…
24th Mar: Oh yes it is 😍
22nd Mar: The Eurosaver Menu… it’s wheely good value 😂
19th Mar: What’s your pick?
19th Mar: Friday calls for a beefy Grand Big Mac banquet for one. Agree?
13th Mar: Hurry! Order your #GrandBigMac for Drive Thru, McDelivery® or Takeaway before it’s gone on the 23rd March!
10th Mar: The real secret ingredient to great-tasting food is great quality produce. Send the Irish farmers whose produce mak…
8th Mar: Desert Island pick 👇
3rd Mar: Want it? Come get it. Our Homestyle Crispy Chicken is 👌 Tried it? Let us know what you think 👇
1st Mar: Make the comments section your ideal breakfast order 👇
25th Feb:
24th Feb: Will you join in the #ShamrockShakeShuffle? What’s your style?
24th Feb: That feeling when you get your hands on a Shamrock Shake ☘️ Can you shake it like the @Gardiner_Bros? Share your Sh…
24th Feb: 👀 Did you just do a triple take too? Enjoy the taste you love, tripled 😋
23rd Feb: 🤣 Who else can relate?
22nd Feb: What’s your favourite bit? #GrandBigMac
19th Feb: Shake up your day ☘️ The Shamrock Shake is back for a limited time only. Available now for McDelivery® or Drive Thr…
17th Feb: Chick this out 🐔… Have you tried our Homestyle Crispy Chicken yet?
15th Feb: If you could have one thing off our menu right now, what would it be?👇
15th Feb: Thanks to the Irish farmers, we can continue to make your favourites 🍔❤️
13th Feb: The Eurosaver Menu 😍
12th Feb: Shamrock Shakes in the absence of handshakes, @MichealMartinTD ☘️
12th Feb: The perfect partner doesn’t exis- Oh wait… #GrandBigMac is Back
11th Feb: Nothing says SPRING like a Shamrock Shake☘️ To celebrate its chilly return, we have teamed up with @JustEatIE to sp…
10th Feb: Chicken game strong 😍🐔
10th Feb: Green, white and cold. The Shamrock Shake is back. Order via McDelivery® or Drive Thru ☘️
8th Feb: Psst… Tomorrow is the last day to order our Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets. Pro tip: Make it a Sharebox! Available f…
5th Feb: Rise and McDelivery®. Comment your *wishlist* order below 👇
3rd Feb: Burning question: What part of your order do you start with?
3rd Feb: 👀 You know it! What are you looking forward to trying most?
28th Jan: Vegan-friendly ✔️ Spicy ✔️ What more could you want? Today’s €2.90 wrap of the day is the Spicy Veggie one. Price m…
26th Jan: Just two weeks left to try our Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets paired with our sweet curry dip! Order for McDelivery®…
24th Jan: You asked. We listened. The Big Tasty is back! Have you tucked in yet? Available to order via McDelivery® and Drive…
22nd Jan: We put extra measures in place to keep our staff and customers safe. Order your favourites straight to your door vi…
20th Jan: One dip, double-dip? What kind of dipper are you? #KatsuAtMcDonalds Order via McDelivery® or Drive Thru.
20th Jan: What kind of a Chicken McNuggets® eater are you?
18th Jan: The Eurosaver Menu: available to order for McDelivery® or Drive Thru.
14th Jan: The Spicy Veggie One🌱 is available every Monday and Thursday. Prices may vary. Have you tried it yet?
14th Jan: Have you tried the Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets yet? 🔥
13th Jan: Your kids can now choose a book or Top Trumps toy with every Happy Meal®!
10th Jan: How to serve our NEW Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets… Get yours via McDelivery® or Drive Thru!
8th Jan: We are still open for Drive Thru and McDelivery®, find out more at
8th Jan: Read the first letter of each emoji: ☀️🐢🍎💛 ⭐️😇🍟👀
5th Jan: We are pleased to remain open, but with a few changes. We know this is a really difficult time for everyone and we…
4th Jan: We’re safely serving your favourites for takeaway, Drive Thru and McDelivery®. Download the McDonald’s App to check…
4th Jan: Take the Eurosaver Menu for a spin 🚗
3rd Jan: 📣 The Big Tasty is BACK!
31st Dec: End 2020 with a bang and a €1.50 Cheeseburger... Delish 🎆
18th Dec: Rudolph & Co are coming 🦌🥕 Are you #ReindeerReady? Capture the magical moment the reindeer visit your home. Share y…
9th Dec: All we want for Christmas is… 🎄 Have you tried it yet?
8th Dec: Did you put up your🎄 tree today?
4th Dec: We’re safely serving your favourites, for Eat-in, takeaway, Drive Thru and McDelivery®. Download the McDonald’s App…
1st Dec: Nothing beats a classic. Get stuck into a Mayo Chicken for just €1.50 on our Eurosaver menu🎄
30th Nov: 👀 Who do you think will be King/Queen of the Gwrych Castle? 👑🏰 Get 30% off your McDelivery® for the #ImACeleb final…
26th Nov: Breakfast sorted (until 11am)... 🥓👌
25th Nov: Tuck into a McDelivery® today. All your favourites delivered straight to your doorstep 🏠 Find out if McDelivery® is…
23rd Nov: Deck the halls… the walls… the lawn… and the roof 😉✨
23rd Nov: New to @UberEats? Get €10 off your McDelivery® when you spend €10 or more 🍔🍟Guaranteed better grub than the campmat…
20th Nov: Our festive food menu is here 🎄What is your order?
18th Nov: Tap below to visit our Festive Hub and find festive freebies and fun for the whole family this Christmas. #ReindeerReady 💫🎄📚
15th Nov: Ready to meet the Campmates? 🏕️ Thanks to @UberEats, delivery is FREE with every McDelivery®, ordered from 8pm 15th…
12th Nov: Are you #ReindeerReady? 🥕
12th Nov: We’re still safely serving your favourites, for takeaway, Drive Thru and McDelivery. Download the McDonald’s App to…
12th Nov: It’s almost time to get #ReindeerReady 🥕
7th Nov: Need a pick-me-up? Grab a McCafé Latte to go for just €2! ☕
27th Oct: 30th October 2020. #ImLovinItLive
4th Aug: With the Bank Holiday ahead of us, you deserve a treat. Only problem is, which one to try? #decisions #mcflurry…
3rd Aug: Tag a #BigMac fan who would love to sleep on one of these! #mcdonalds
2nd Aug: 100% Irish Beef, carefully selected ingredients, on a brioche-style bun & freshly prepared the minute you order!…
1st Aug: We’re offering Table Service in 22 of our restaurants around Ireland! Check out where there’s one near you…
31st Jul: That’s one way to brighten up your Monday morning – every 7th cup is on us! #coffee #mcdonaldsirl
28th Jul: Do you eat your Fries first? #friesfirst #friesfriday #mcdonaldsirl
27th Jul: From the sun to the sand, we love to see you wherever you go! #mcdonalds
25th Jul: A Big Mac is all you need! #classic #mcdonaldsirl
24th Jul: You’ll want to get up early in the morning for this beauty #sausageandeggmcmuffin #tastymonday #mcdonaldsirl
20th Jul: McDonald’s all the way! #artistsimpression #mcdonaldsirl
19th Jul: Thousands of Instant win food prizes have been won & so many more to win! Play Monopoly Prize Mania today #McWin…
18th Jul: Visiting the Shibuya Center Gai of Tokyo, Japan? Stop in and illuminate your night #placestogo #mcdonalds
17th Jul: The most humble way to start the day! Breakfast served till 10.30am every morning #breakfast #hashbrown…
14th Jul: No matter what the weather, there’s always time for a McCafe Iced drink! #fridayfeeling #mcdonaldsirl
13th Jul: Mozarella Dippers are back! And you can take part in Monopoly Prize Mania when you purchase them #McWin…
12th Jul: So many prizes to be won with our Monopoly Prize Mania! #McWin #mcdonaldsirl
11th Jul: Sadly, we’re not doing them here in Ireland. But we’re curious to see if you would like to try them? #minions…
10th Jul: It really is! Breakfast served till 10.30am every morning.
7th Jul: Get that Summer Sundae vibe! #fridayfeeling #mcdonaldsirl


20th Sep: Flexibility
20th Sep: The Craic
10th Mar: It's Home
2nd Sep: The McMór
28th Aug: The McMór
21st Jan: McCafé

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